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Swiss Nat Bank meet...

Swiss Nat Bank meeting, ECB/EIB/UN, IBM  


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03/06/2019 2:19 pm  

Dear All, 

Another round of quick update:

1) The SNB meeting (Conference on Cryptoassets and Financial Innovation) at Zurich last Friday was very useful
- met Pindar Wong (tech guru) who agreed to help introduce us to Juan Benet, creator of IPFS, the distributed "Torent" like database system that we are considering using to support the modern slavery blockchain 
- there was a huge discussion on CBDC (central bank digital currency). Basically CBDC is coming, it is a matter of when, and in which format. Follow up from a question "if EN's blockchain can support payment of social security to forced labour victims/refugees" who has not formal ID and are unbanked, I have emailed my contact at the European Central Bank/European Investment Bank, to consider a blockchain design supported by CBDC for payments. 

2) we have a brief introduction phone call with with UN's Liechtenstein Initiative, and started making contact with UN. Here we want to pursue the CBDC payment system as well as recruiting some EU partners so that we can enter the EU Blockchain for Good competition with deadline September 3, 2019.

3) Initiated meetings with IBM  HQ UK, and trying to get their interests in teaming up with us.  Pindar Wong challenged the scalelability of hyperledger fabric. I hope to speak to the IBM developer team directly. 

4) Our next meeting with GMP is June 17. The meeting is lead by the GMP Business Change Manager for "Data Science GMP Operational Analytics Project". GMP programme challenger, Damian Dallimore is hosting the meeting. Ken Foster and I are attending. IBM is considering attending. 



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