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Update from SHP  


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29/05/2019 1:48 pm  

Dear All,

This is our first newsletter to keep members informed of progress. Hopefully there will be more such newsletters and progress to report!  🙂

1) The meeting with GMP this morning was, I feel, a success. The PPT presentation was fast and short; but 10 minutes into the presentation and Q&A, the discussion switched to 
- who needs to be involved to get this POC to work
- where are the sources of founding; the current £5k-£10k-£15k is considered as "not a problem". 
- the key concern is if Brexit is an issue, and they are relieved to learn that it is not. 
What I really want to say is that instead of recruiting GMP as a customer, we now have GMP as a partner who wants to learn the technology and see how it can be made to work. The next step is for a coordinator in GMP to gather a team before they come back to me with an initial plan.

2) Wendy is now in Delhi. She, together with Amaresh, will meet the secretary at the Ministry of Labour to rekindle the connection. MOL is very big and in charge of child labour issues in India. We need to refresh the relationship again after the re-shuffled is completed in response to the recent Indian election. 

3) EN is now registered at the Company House as a private limited company, with Wendy, Ken, Jason and myself as directors. 

4) We are waiting for the Charity Commission to grant EN the CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) status with Wendy, Ken, Jason and myself as trustees. This process might take up to 8 weeks. 



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