Local Contact Tracing Room Guide

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1) Creating a room is a one step process.

Web link: https://lct2.enduringnet.com (Public use); https://roomlct.z22.web.core.windows.net/  (Developer's beta version)

1) A "room" is simply a meeting place where people gather. Enter e.g. "Fika Sisters" as the Room and press enter after which a pop up window will appear with the message "Open Fika Sisters now?". Click "Yes" to open the cafe.



2) Click Visits to see the list of visitors (Michael and Katy), and check "See today's visits" to filter and narrow the list. One can print this visitors check-in list if a register is required. The orange panel "DELETE ALL VISITS" appears when "See today's visits" is unchecked. Individual visit records can be deleted if deemed necessary. Records older than 14 days will be deleted automatically.

3) Place the cursor on the purple home button, and select the orange close room button to close a room.  No one else can check into the Room when it is closed.

4) When a warning is issued by Michael, his 20-characterters connection ID is associated with the warning to conceal his name.  The record shows Katy has been alerted.

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