Local Contact Tracing Visitor Guide

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Provide Your Name -> Select A Room -> Check-In

1) Enter a name (it can be a nickname if acceptable by Room, the host). You must use unque names to check in multiple visitors on the same device. The same name on difference devices are treated as different visitors.


2) Pick a room from the drop down list. Please note that if the Room is not opened, it will not appear in the drop down list.


3) In the screen below, "Starbuck on 5th & 1st Street" is opened and shown in the drop down list.


4) Clich on the green "Check-in" button to check-in to "Starbuck on 5th & 1st Street". Leave the screen as it is while in the Room. Closing the app and the web browser might trigger a check-out.  An automatic check-in might happen when the host closes the Room (i.e. "Starbuck on 5th & 1st Street" in this case).


5) After checking in, the "Occupancy" counter will increase by 1. To leave a room, click the orange check-out button.

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