Local Contact Tracing Visitor Guide

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Provide Your Name -> Select A Room -> Check-In -> Covid Warning

Web link: https://lct1.enduringnet.com (Public use); https://lctvisitor.z22.web.core.windows.net/  (Developer's beta version)

1) Click on the green cross and enter a name.  Here we have Michael and Katy in the two screen shot below.

2) Under "See Open Rooms", pick a room from the drop down list. Please note that if the Room is not opened, it will not appear in the drop down list. In the screen below, "Fika Sisters" is selected from the drop down list. Click on the green "Check-in" button to check-in to "Fika Sisters".

3) After checking in, the "Occupancy" counter will increase by 1. This head count is part of the covid risk management. Click on the orange "Check-out" button to check out. The visitor will be automatically checked out when the Room is closed.


5) Visitor clicks on the red warning button to warn others if tested positive with Covid, exposed to others who tested positive, or exhibit covid symptoms. The left screen below is on Michael's device indicating that he has issued a warning. The right screen below is from Katy's device, showing that she has been alerted.  Notice how the apps uses a 20-character string to protect Michael's ID.


The screen below is a pop up notification on Katy device, alerting her about the possible covid exposure.

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