Ser-Huang Poon (Founder)

Jason Lim

Ken Foster

Wendy Olsen

Amaresh Dubey

Jason Lim

Business Strategy & Development

Dave Blundell

Business Operations & Communication
(COO, Blockpool Blockchain Ltd)

Ken Foster

Trustee & Blockchain Project Management ( founder)

Tom Kirkham

Blockchain (STFC Hartree Centre)

Amaresh Dubey

Child Labour Research (Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University & Indian Institute for Dalit Studies)

Wendy Olsen

Child Labour Research (Professor, University of Manchester)

Alexander Parkinson

Corporate Social Responsibility (Director of Research, Inflectionpoint)

Ruchika Chaudhary

Woman and child labour, equality (Consultant, New Delhi)

David Gorman (Safeguarding Advisor)

David Crack (Risk & Compliance)

Ben Green (Data Safe Heaven)

Zeljko Milinovic, MSc (Austria)

BlockChain Architect

Pranshu Rastogi (India)

Software Engineer (BlockChain Developer)

Mark Andreev (Russia)

Data Science Lead

Irina Goloshchapova (Russia)

Data Science Lead

Seth Schalet

Strategy & Advisor (CEO, US Nonprofit Child, Family and Community Services. Prior CEO/President of global technology and US nonprofit organizations, Board member for various US nonprofits)

David Gorman

EN Treasurer (Partner, Head of Research, Castlefield Asset Management)

Ruchika Chaudhary

Outreach (Consultant, New Delhi)

CDD Services - Led by our founders David Crack and Lisa Pilkington, we are a group of technology, HR, banking, compliance, academic and former law enforcement specialists based in Manchester, UK. Using our combined experience across multiple disciplines, we have designed a software package and suite of services, available in the palm of your hand, which we believe can act as a catalyst for positive engagement and interaction between people and organisations

Harbinger Group is a global provider of software products and services since 1990. Headquartered in Pune (India), Harbinger’s group companies include Harbinger Systems, Harbinger Knowledge Products and Harbinger Interactive Learning.

Web Imp - A Singapore-based technology hub that builds & integrates comprehensive solutions across various digital platforms。