Dr Ser-Huang Poon graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Accountancy, and obtained her Masters degree in Accounting and Finance and PhD degree in Finance from Lancaster University. Dr Ser-Huang Poon became a professor at Manchester University in 2003. She is a Turing fellow since 2018. She has founded a charity, Enduring Net, in 2019 to delpoy AI, DLT and SSI in humanitarian work.

She has written three books and 63 papers, having published 34 of them; one of the published papers was cited on the Nobel website as a reference reading in volatility. Dr Poon received two best paper awards, one of which is a joint work with the late Nobel Laurette, Prof Clive Granger. She has co-authored a commissioned report for the HMT Foresight Program on the impact of high frequency trading. She has received nine grant awards for research and research training, most of which she was the principal investigator or applicant.

She has managed three Marie Curie ITN grants, two of which (€1million for FP6 and €3.7million for FP7) she served as host. She was appointed a visiting professor at National University of Singapore (NUS) and Victoria University of Wellington at New Zealand, and a distinguished visiting professor at University of Technology, Sydney. She has supervised nine research fellows and 15 PhD students; one of the PhD students received a best doctoral paper at MFS conference last year. Her current research interests evolve around machine learning (& NLP), AI, blockchain, SSI, FinTech, and BigData.