Dr Ser-Huang Poon is a Turing Fellow and Professor at the University of Manchester, UK. She is the founder and trustee of Enduring Net, a charitable incorporated organisation established in 2019 (company number 12015486, charity number 1186332) focusing on distributed technology, AI, identity, and privacy in humanitarian work. With the team at Enduring Net and through collaboration, she has designed and created a Hyperledger fabric blockchain communication organiser to support anti-modern slavery effort, an SSI (self-sovereign identity) covid digital passport mounted on SOVRIN main net, and an “identity-less” covid track and trace based on RIDIS graph and internet connection socket-IO. With Enduring Net, she won the UMIP Ignition Award in 2015, competed at the 2020 SUCCESS business adventure programme organised for eight UK universities, and was selected as the ASPECT Social Science Innovation Fellow in 2021.

She has written three books, three commission reports, and over 80 papers, one of which was cited on the Nobel website as a reference reading in volatility. Dr Poon received three best paper awards, one of which is a joint work with the late Nobel Laurette, Prof Clive Granger. She has received numerous grants with total income aggregate over £250k in the last three years and she has managed three Marie Curie ITN grants aggregate over €4million. She was a visiting professor at several universities, supervised over 10 research fellows and 15 PhD students. Her current research interests evolve around sustainability, corporate social responsibility and responsible investment exploiting advances in machine learning, natural language processing, AI, blockchain and distributed technology, privacy preserving SSI, FinTech, and BigData. Her interest in digital identity and technological solutions for humanitarian work focuses on ethical issues concerning vulnerable groups of individuals.

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