The objective of Enduring Net is to create a publicly owned distributed network for collecting and sharing intelligence across 193 states for humanitarian work. The charity brings together professionals in distributed ledger technologies, data privacy & security, data science, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, mobile apps and forced labour experts to leverage technology and research to fight against modern slavery and other social problems.

Our first target is to create a platform that uses a combination of Blockchain and IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) to provide a truly distributed and secured network. It sensitively deploys artificial intelligence to support organisations in their fight against labour exploitation. The system aggregates and anonymises all sensitive data while enabling the identification of patterns in the reported incidents. The system supports easy to use mobile and desktop applications allowing authorities and NGOs to record incidents and share intelligence.

We envisaged that the proposed system reduces the burden of information exchange and enhances the operational efficiency of the fight against these crimes, thus enable all victims-support agencies worldwide to freely communicate with each other around the globe at a real-time basis.

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