GPT Bootcamp Mar-Apr 2024

The project aims to incorporate into the Curriculum topics on “Responsible AI” and demonstrate how generative AI can be used in a business context, and the human aspects (e.g., ethics and privacy) considered.

Topics covered include machine learning, natural language processes, and generative AI.   We will create 10 CustomGPT ChatBot (projects); see below. The goal is to be familiarised witht the over 500+ pluggins (e.g., for inputting data in different formats, including video and podcast, and for integrating multiple sources of information), to practice training and to fine-tuning the ChatBot for a specific task, and experiment with Reinforcement Learning.

After April, a smaller group will explore other GPTs such as OpenAI-Assist, Copilot etc.

Individual CustomGPT ChatBots/Projects


Chatbots for business and finance applications

  • Interest Rate Derivatives (Sergey)

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CareBot for migrant workers entering UK on Health and Care visa. See GMCA.

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Screenshot 2024-03-21 155903

WorkerBot: A collaborative project with Fifty-Eight

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Other Resources: References and External Links

CustomGPT, Chain of Thought (CoT) and Promt design, Python, AMBS Minable Data

DALL·E 2024-03-21 18.54.55 - Imagine a modern, well-lit virtual office space that embodies efficiency and collaboration. The room is spacious, with sleek, minimalist furniture arr

Our virtue office

There is where we work as a group to brainstorm new ideas, share TODO, DOING and Done lists. There is a limit of up to 10 collaborators. Please use the same login accounts as the one we share on CustomGPT (i.e., and

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