Manchester Workshop on Humanitarian Blockchain Applications

Location:Alliance Manchester Business School
Date:Week commencing October 28, 2019
Attendance: By invitation only

Enduring Net (EN), in collaboration with Diginex and Mekong Club, is launching a series of workshops in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Thailand, to support NGO/ humanitarian organisations.

Workshop structure

  • Introduction to blockchain distributed ledger technology
  • Blockchain within the context of combating child & forced labour, MSA transparency in supply chain, missing person, etc.
  • Introduction to existing projects: E.g. permission chain for sharing modern slavery intelligence
  • How can blockchain enhance your work as an organisation? Discussion on key challenges and possible applications
  • Setting up a blockchain. Live demo & technical guidance

Who should attend and takeaway

This workshop is open to all organisations looking to learn about applying blockchain technology within the context of NGO/ humanitarian work. While the demo case studies focus on the application of blockchain in combating forced & child labour, any humanitarian applications are within our scope and all NGOs/ humanitarian organisations are welcome.

  • Organisation decision makers will learn to use blockchain in addressing their organisational challenges as well as enhancing work combating forced & child labour
  • IT and technology advisers will learn practical skills to set up functioning blockchain nodes and networks

Registration details will be released shortly. Places available are limited and, subject to selection criteria, will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Yours sincerely,
Prof Wendy Olsen (University of Manchester, Trustee, Enduring Net)
Prof Ser-Huang Poon (University of Manchester, Founder and Trustee, Enduring Net)

Workshop schedule (subject to revision)

10:00-11:00What is a blockchain? 
How might a block help organisation work together more efficiently;
what is possible, and what is not possible? 
11:00-11:30Coffee break and Networking
11:30-12:30How to protect privacy and sensitive data in a blockchain environment? 
12:30-13:30Lunch and Networking
How to set up a blockchain node and manage the network membership? 
How to control access rights? 
14:30-15:00Coffee break and Networking
How to protect data confidentiality, private channels? 
How does encryption work? 
How to set up the different types of password control? 
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