Workshop on Reducing modern slavery – the Hague

Professor Wendy Olsen will be hosting a workshop on Reducing modern slavery. This workshop is part of the 16th annual The European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes conference, held in the Hague from June the 29th to July the 2nd. The workshop will specifically focus on quantifying and documenting the differing forms that modern slavery takes.

The session covers different types of modern slavery, from child labour to forced and bonded labour, trafficked labour, and entrapped labour (ie coercive conditions in the employment relationship). The conference is targeting at papers for quantifying or documenting modern slavery; comparing child labour across countries; explaining the entrapment of labour in South Asia; exploring harmful forms of labour in Africa; and theorizing modern slavery.

Prof. Wendy Olsen’s details:
Head of Department, Social Statistics, University of Manchester 
Web profile:
Social media:  I am @Sandhyamma on Twitter
Editor at the European Journal of Development Research,

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